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Custom Assembly

GCG offers custom electro-mechanical, cable assemblies and box builds. We support customers across many industries including telecommunications, military, industrial and transit. We provide cable assemblies with a wide AWG range, complex wire harnessing, and industry standard assemblies. GCG Assemblies manufactures box builds such as power distribution boxes and an array of electro-mechanical assemblies, such as control panels, power trays and enclosures.

Wire Dye and Striping

Wire and cable identification are critical to safe and efficient installations and GCG offers wire and dye striping to your specifications. We offer a variety of services to meet your custom needs.

Striping Services
Cutting to Length


At GCG we do more than ship cable. We offer services to ensure you get exactly what you need. In several of our facilities we have the ability to cut-to-length your wire and cable to your specific requirements. This service is fast and efficient and will help you reduce installation time.

Inventory & Shipping Optimization

We offer a variety of solutions for our customers who rely on GCG to optimize the warehousing and delivery of products. Our VMI solutions include inventory consignment and usage reporting which speeds delivery and reduces stock-outs.

Additionally, we offer custom kitting and whole order delivery to ensure that your order is optimally delivered where you need, when you need it and how you need it, saving you time and money!

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Overmold services


Molded strain relief can be engineered to your exact application, specific flexing or routing needs. The entire process is completed in house. Your custom molded product will have a professional appearance and can utilize your logo, part number, or any other special requirement. There are a variety of molded materials options available, ensuring a suitable fit for your specific application.

Overmolding is ideal for cable assemblies that will face extreme weather, high-pressure wash-downs, constant sanitation, frequent strain and flexing, and exposure to dust or debris, while maintaining reliability. The most common applications where overmolding is preferred include solar energy, military equipment, consumer electronics, medical equipment and industrial/OEM applications.