GCG’s Commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance Principles (ESG)

The GCG team is committed to meeting the needs of our customers while also focusing attention on our responsibility to the environment, our associates and the communities we serve. With that in mind we have established an ESG program with 4 key pillars: Energy & Emissions, People, Supply Chain and Governance.

Our ESG Priorities

Energy & Emissions

Improving data quality and calculation of emissions across our operations and value chain to increase clarity on emissions hot spots
• Assessing and implementing emissions reduction projects related to energy consumption, including energy efficiency pilots, logistics optimization, and employee / business travel


• Investing in DEI and development programs to foster an inclusive and thriving workplace
• Continuing to provide superior products and excellent customer service to support the communication, transportation and education of the communities we serve
• Looking into potential partnerships on community outreach programs

Supply Chain

• Developing a holistic program to engage suppliers in managing environmental impacts
• Increasing supply chain transparency through improved ESG data collection and supplier engagement
Ensuring Human Rights are upheld through ISO certification and supplier code of conduct
A business model that ensures service continuity and risk mitigation


• Setting up an ESG governance structure creating accountability and responsibility for our ESG performance across the business
• Formalizing our ESG priorities into our business strategy, hiring and acquisition processes, and how we engage with our vendors
• Investing in tools to improve data collection and reporting to enable us to track progress and provide useful data

Our ESG Performance Snapshot

Emissions Reduction

We are undertaking a logistics routes optimization initiative that will reduce our shipment miles significantly over the next 5 years. We have already implemented our warehouse rationalization initiative which his reduced our total location count.

Community Impact

We are developing a strategy for the next 5 years that includes:
• Supporting communications infrastructure in rural communities
• Aiding in development of electric vehicles, automation and smart infrastructure


We are investing in improving our data quality across our value chain to better understand and address our Scope 3 emissions.

GHG Inventory

We have already conducted our first Scope 1 and 2 GCG inventory and Scope 3 diagnostics.

People Development

Heavily investing in our talent development and retention programs;
• Leadership and sales training rolling out
• DEI, unconscious bias training in development

Human Rights

We are committed to upholding human rights prioritizing safety and compliance and equal opportunity across our value chain.

Energy Efficiency

Piloting energy efficient projects throughout our distribution network.


Completed first DEI assessment and have identified strengths and areas for improvement.


We are developing processes
to enhance the engagement with our suppliers and improve data quality across our value chain.