GCG Industries

Industrial OEM

Grounded by Our Past, Wired For Our Future

We have an experienced sales team dedicated solely to the Industrial Marketplace, offering a comprehensive line of industrial wires and cables covering a full range of commercial, utility, industrial, transit and OEM applications. Our product line includes portable cord, power, control and instrumentation tray cable, VFD, medium voltage, high temp and fire safety and circuit integrity products.

Allied Wire and Cable is a specialty manufacturer and distributor of electrical wire, cable, tubing and accessories. Our products, services, and experience help many industries.

Seacoast is a specialty supplier of cable and associated electrical and electronic products for the military and shipbuilding industry, oil and gas industry, and industrial markets for over 70 years.

ElectroWire delivers high-performance rail and transit power products to our customers including signal, communication, wayside power, rapid transit, diesel locomotive, trackside and traction.

Cobra offers industrial cable for specialty applications. Cobra provides advances in technology and a safer more environmentally friendly product.

At Paige, we have a legacy built on tradition and core values. Since 1958, Paige has been dedicated to creating connectivity solutions for clients around the world.