A New Choice: Responsiveness Plus Flexibility and Drive

“We saw our customers’ needs growing more complex and their choices growing more limited.
We built GCG to be a new choice – our rapid growth has been fueled both organically and through acquiring like-minded companies who share our commitment to combining responsiveness plus flexibility minus ego!
-Steve Maucieri, CEO

2023 – GCG Expands into UK, EU & Mexico

2022 – GCG Grows to 2M Square Feet in Warehouse Space – GCG Revenue passes $1B

2021 – GCG Adds Value-Added Services to Offering

2020 – GCG Grows to 1M Square Feet in Warehouse Space

2019 – GCG Revenue passes $250M




Distribution Facilities




Target Markets



GCG, A One-Stop-Shop

of Wire & Cable, Automation Solutions with Engineering, Assembly and Value-Added Services

Engineering & Sourcing

  • Engineering design for automation systems and custom cabling
  • Supply chain support services for inventory management and shipping optimization
  • Engineering and custom cabling design solutions for unique applications
  • Just-in-time delivery and reduces stock-outs
  • provides access to suppliers in low-cost countries

Custom Assembly

  • Provides cable assembly and harness solutions, including automation, molded and multi-conductor assemblies
  • Produces electromechanical assemblies and box builds, such as control panels, ER trays and enclosure
  • Requires specific product expertise
  • Reduces customer assembly time/errors
  • Reduces inventory and increases efficiency